Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life is good, life is grand...

I just feel like I need to say that life is good, life is grand!  One more week till finals and check outs, then for the great holiday time when I truly only have to be away from the boys for 4 hours a day.  Which I still don't understand why we have to have childcare over the Christmas break, but whatever.

Last week for FHE we put up our Christmas tree!  It is perfect for our little dorm room.  It doesn't take any floor space, covers up the ugly white cinder block wall, and quite nearly indestructible!

One other great addition to our home is the big comfy couch from mom and dad's house in Jackson!  YAY!  When I brought the boys home the afternoon we got it, they started to scream..."Yay!  A new couch!"  As though our old one was bad... oh but we still have the old one and the big comfy red chair!  So now we have lots of seating for our friends!  So come visit.

I am actually quite excited for Christmas this year!  I have a lot of fun, free plans to do with and for the boys, friends and family. I just can't wait.  This is the first time in a long time that I am really truly excited for Christmas.  I have always loved Christmas day, but this year I am totally stoked for the whole month!  I must be since we put our tree up before December!

So silly but I love that song on the new Muppets movie that goes... everything is good, everything is grand.  I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand.