Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life is good, life is grand...

I just feel like I need to say that life is good, life is grand!  One more week till finals and check outs, then for the great holiday time when I truly only have to be away from the boys for 4 hours a day.  Which I still don't understand why we have to have childcare over the Christmas break, but whatever.

Last week for FHE we put up our Christmas tree!  It is perfect for our little dorm room.  It doesn't take any floor space, covers up the ugly white cinder block wall, and quite nearly indestructible!

One other great addition to our home is the big comfy couch from mom and dad's house in Jackson!  YAY!  When I brought the boys home the afternoon we got it, they started to scream..."Yay!  A new couch!"  As though our old one was bad... oh but we still have the old one and the big comfy red chair!  So now we have lots of seating for our friends!  So come visit.

I am actually quite excited for Christmas this year!  I have a lot of fun, free plans to do with and for the boys, friends and family. I just can't wait.  This is the first time in a long time that I am really truly excited for Christmas.  I have always loved Christmas day, but this year I am totally stoked for the whole month!  I must be since we put our tree up before December!

So silly but I love that song on the new Muppets movie that goes... everything is good, everything is grand.  I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Mister!

Monday November 5 was Peppers 4th birthday!  Can you believe it?  Neither can I.  Can I just say that this little man has been one of the two greatest blessings in my life!  He is an absolute dream come true!  I cannot believe the changes he has made in his short four years of life.  I remember when his birth mom handed him to me at the bottom of the escalator in the Salt Lake Airport.  My heart melted.  I felt complete!  I was so excited to be him mom! 

He was one sick little puppy!  He was so hungry I couldn't believe the eating he did.  About bankrupted us in the first week!  Then we found out that he had RSV, tortacollis and a flat flat head.  Poor kid had been left in his crib most of his first two months of life!  But shortly he was healthy, RSV gone.  And on to bigger things.  Lots of physical therapy to get the strength in his neck that he needed to hold up that noggin of his and an helmet to help shape his head and face back to what it should be. 

He grew and grew and developed so well that by his first birthday he was on track for normal development.  Actually I think he is quite the genius.  During his first three years of life we lived in our little house in Saint Anthony, but only two months after we got him we found out we were pregnant with Salt!  What a wonderful surprise!

I cannot believe the wonderful big brother he was from the moment Salt was born.  It was so cute how he just cherished Salt instantly.  You would have never known they weren't blood brothers, I think they were best friends before they came to this world!

The last four years have been so wonderful!  I love his little sense of humor, his sporty little body, and ability to stand on a scale and weigh only 36lbs but to lift him you would think he weighed 50!  I love his little pigeon toed feet, his dark sparkling eyes so full of joy!  His pure black hair and delicious chocolate skin.  He has been one courageous little boy and has a very bright future ahead of him. 

I am so amazed at his kind and sharing personality.  He is so good at taking his little brother by the hand and teaching him how to do things, but also to treat him like his equal.  He has stepped up and fulfilled his role as the man of the house with uncanny grace and sofistocation.  I mean what else would you expect from a four year old. 

He is turning into a fabulous little gentleman, he loves to tell me that I am beautiful or pretty, and that I am his girlfriend.  But that I can't tell anybody or they will laugh at him.  Ah, the love!  I adore it!  He even tries to open the door for me, especially at church.  What a kid!  Who taught him all that? 

All I know is that he is such a joy!  I can't get enough of him!  I love him with all my heart!  Happy Birthday to my little man! 

Now for a few pics of the birthday boy!

 First thing, he rolled over and I said, good morning... guess what?  He said "oh!  It's my birthday!"

 Clothes are ok, but where's the good stuff?

 Yes.... I am a crazy mom!  A drum!

 Birthday  guests... Jack, his best friend, Salt... and my parents, Ace, Neibaurs, Kathi Turner, Duke, and the neices....

 The birthday cake... I am a lousy mom and didn't make him one, because he saw this one and wanted it soooooooo bad!
 Little piro maniac,,, had to help me light the candles.

 Us all singing Happy Birthday...
 And he blew out all the candles on his own!
 Happy Birthday Pepper!

Friday, November 2, 2012

What a great day!

Today is a WONDERFUL day!  I have officially lost 15 pounds!  How great is that!  And somebody made me smile like a fool!  I love it!  Happy Day!  Yes I am totally proud of myself!  Have a great day!

Aye Matey's Happy Halloween...

I must say... I have the two cutest little pirates in the world.  They stole my heart and all my candy.
 Pepper Gets into the role of being a pirate.
 Salt is just plain ADORABLE!
 Full body!  Still in character.

 Does he not just make you want to scream he's so cute!
 Yep... he has me hooked!

 The day after halloween they boys went to the Range with my parents.  Salt thinks that he is still a pirate.  He slept in his eye-patch, and wore it all day again.  Notice he is still holding his hook as well!  Plus I think this is a great pic of my dad and the boys!  Yahoo!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkins... pumpkins... pumpkins

Salt is rather excited to draw on his pumpkin with a magic marker... the design..."Happy Pumpkin"
This evening I decided that for FHE we would carve our pumpkins that Aunt Amanda brought us.  I couldn't just have these three beautiful pumpkins sit on out living room floor until they rotted.  So we went to work. 

I asked the boys to each draw what they wanted the face to look like on their pumpkins... now I must say that this is the first time that I have ever carved pumpkins with the boys!  Why I have no idea.  But I decided it would be fun tonight.  Maybe because the boys are a little older.

It was so funny, both of them just scribbled all over the pretty side of their pumpkins and left the ugly side for me to carve.  But Salt knew for certain that his pumpkin had to be a Happy Pumpkin.  Pepper wanted a mean pumpkin... both turned out rather happy.  But Pepper's pumpkin had "Mater Teeth". 
 Pepper is done with his drawing...  I was not allowed to cut the top to gut out the pumpkin...
 Peppers finished pumpkin... Pepper was very angry when I asked him to smile with his pumpkin.
 Salt about to "taste" his pumpkin
 He said it was delisous!  (not a typo.. that is what he said.)
 Salt LOVES his pumpkin
 At least one will smile
Oh... there it is... a smile... notice the lump on his forehead... yeah that is where Salt hit him with the dashboard hula man.... brotherly love at its best!  And man... did he ever sound like he was going to die.  I think he was tired.

I am so excited to take them Trick or Treating!  I think they will SO love it this year!  Life is just so much fun with these darling little rascals!

Oh and by the way... for some random reason... our family favorite color is ORANGE.  That will probably change in the near future, but I seem to dress the boys and myself in a lot of orange lately.  Maybe the season or something!  Whatever it is, its a color that makes me happy!