Saturday, September 29, 2012


 Look at my darling little charmer.  Chowing down on a Little Ceasar's breadstick.  I just couldn't believe how cool this picture was.  If I only I really knew how to take good pictures all the time. 
 So I have come up with nicknames for my boys.  I just think it is a cool thing to do when blogging.  So I went into thinking well I have a white boy and a brown boy, but white and brown just won't work.  Ebony and ivory just seems to girly, but my dad calls them the salt and pepper boys.  And so from now on you will hear me refer to them as Salt and Pepper.  I am sure that you can guess who is who!  Haha
 So Mr. Pepper thought it was much more fun to be silly than to pose nicely for mom to take a pic. 

 And as you can see we all like to be a little goofy! 

 And Pepper really likes to steal the show.  Camera Hog! 

 Finally one of him smiling! 
This was a fun evening!  We decided that since it was $2 Tuesday at the cheap theater maybe we would go see the show.  Well we were way early, so we stopped by Little Caesars and got bread sticks.  Then sat on the sidewalk and ate them.  Of course the Salt and Pepper boys had to offer one to every person that walked past us.

They just crack me up.  Then for our entertainment of the evening we watched Ice Age 4.  Cute show.  The boys loved it.  I loved it that we were nearly the only ones in the theater and so when they got restless it didn't matter to let them run up and down the isles. 

You know life is good with my little Salt and Pepper!  Thank goodness for great family and friends who love and support us so much!  Have a great day !

Saturday, September 22, 2012

GREATEST DAY! ... Labor Day

For Labor Day I took DC and Ryder out to Egin Lakes at the Sand Dunes.  Man, I am so angry that I haven't been taking them there the entire summer!

 They had so much fun running and playing with their trucks, watching the silly college kids trying to fly their kites, and checking out the awesome dune buggies four wheelers and motor bikes that came zooming by!
 They especially had fun running as fast as they could and "wiping" out!

 The water was a blast especially because it was only like six inches deep and they could run through it or around it or whatever...

The only sad part was that we had to go home... oh and the  GIGANTIC pile of sand left in the car!  But oh what fun!

There is just something wonderful about being able to go out chill in the lawn chair and bask in the glory of how great and adorable your kids are and just watch them have the time of their lives!  I am so grateful for the precious time that I get to spend with my boys!

My very favorite time of day is first thing in the morning!  Every morning about 5:00 am both DC and Ryder will somehow sneak into bed with me.  And then about 7:00 they both wake up and we spend our best time together, like tickling each other, wrestling, and giggling!  I honestly don't know of a better way to start the day!  Every day is a great day!