Saturday, December 14, 2013

We made another change...

I am sitting here... taking a little break from writing one of my two HUGE papers for finals and thought I would add a little insight to my progress so far and another change we have made in our lives.  So, recently I have been fed up to the max with all the whining... I don't know why but a whining child is like nails on a chalkboard.  I really can't stand it.  And Pepper most of all has taken to using it in trying to get what he wants.  Yet the famous quote in our house is... "Do you EVER get what you want when you whine?" "No." "Then why are you whining?"  Stops it every time for about 30 seconds.  haha

Well I decided that maybe something else was influencing whatever was making him whine sooooo much.  So I decided to teach him that until he can not whine, and also listen to mom... no technology.  YIKES!  No technology... no iPad, no TV, no Movies.  Well that is the extent of our technology.. I do still allow music!  We love music!  Especially Popcorn Bopping!  So I decided for 1 month there would be no technology for the boys... granted I have to have it for school.  But anyway...

So day one was like... "Mom can we watch Ninja Turtles?"  "No"  "Mom can we watch?..." "Mom can we play a game on the iPad?  We will play a good one and share!"  "No"  I got pretty good at saying no that day.

Day two Salt asked a couple times first thing in the morning to watch cartoons, but soon forgot when we played Chick-fil-A memory.  (memory, they got in a Chick-fil-A kids meal)

So what I began to notice was it was not really a major interest anymore, but my throat was dry from reading so many books out loud!  lol

Day 3 came... no mention all day of TV.  We are now at almost a week, and there has hardly been a mention of any TV.  It is great.  This is a good thing!

So as for me and the Paleo diet.  It has been going really well until I consiously made the decision to make cinnamon rolls last weekend.  That made for this whole week being rather difficult.  Combined with the stress of finals and checkouts looming.  But all in all not too bad.  Just 5 pounds depending on the day and I will break that awful threshold of 200.

CrossFit is still treating me oh so good!  I love it so much!  I don't know that it is the best thing for everybody, but it is for me!

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