Sunday, July 15, 2012

Life goes By so Fast!

Could life be any better with two darling little boys to smooch me on the cheek like this?  I don't think it could really get much greater!  So far this summer the boys and I have had so much fun!  Father's Day weekend was a total blast as we took off and went camping at West Yellowstone and then on a cruise to Big Sky Montana, Quake and Hebgen Lake and then mozied on home!  This got us started on a nice little camping trend!  What a blast!  I love stinking like a campfire!  But I love even more that glorious shower when we get home! 

We also had a really fun family reunion up at the Range with the Cox family and then over the fourth of July my family went camping and water skiing at Palasades lake!  We couldn't have asked for better weather and more fun than we had with everyone! 

Now we just have one week, actually just five more days of suffering with finals and check-outs and then the 7week break!  And for the most part I only have to work three days a week!  I am so overly excited that I will get to spend so much wonderful time with the boys! 

Since I am saying goodbye to to Facebook FOREVER! This will be the best way for all to find out about what is happening in our lives!  And I look forward to becoming a "professional blogger!"  Hahah Love to you all!

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